Cooking Vegan For People Who Don't

Image of Cooking Vegan For People Who Don't


Cooking Vegan For People Who Don't is the first in a series of food zines curated by Generic Greeting Collective. Each zine will be guest edited by a different writer and will cover a new food based topic.

Ava Szajna-Hopgood is a freelance food writer based in London. She has been blogging about vegan cooking on her blog, Guac and Roll, since turning vegan in 2012. The zine focuses on cooking vegan for people that don't already, with interviews, recipes and ideas to fill your table with. Ava has written for Munchies, Oh Comely, Chickpea and many other online and in print publications.

The zine has been designed and illustrated by Will Berry, a founding member of Generic Greeting and a freelance artist based in Manchester.

Available in physical format or as a digital download (for tablets and phones).